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  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to everyone!
    Keep safe and warm during wintertimes, had been to Dortmund in the west of Germany to celebrate with old friends from school.

    Let’s ceize the days, so long, Nao

  • First video – Sanuk Germany!

    First video shots for a friend.
    Improvised by longboard as a dolly, 35mm f2 diva and a gloriously bad kit lense.

    But in the end its all about the story!
    Thanks Golle for askin’!

  • Brussels

    Long weekend and a flight for 27€. Flight booked, luggage packed. Lets go!

    Central Brussels is maybe not the town what you might be looking for if you live in the cleanest part of the world. Smelly, dirty, loud and not realy precious. But cheap  booze indeed. Thus we spend a couple of fun days and simply had a blast.


  • Spring is coming!

    I think everyone knows this tune – and so it is!
    Spring is coming to lovely Allgäu, although it snowed today for easter.

    Normally I don’t shoot much within daylight. I like the dark, because then its all about patience. But with daylight, its all  about stopping the light to proceed to the sensor.

  • Had been to China

    After being back back for roughly a month,  it feels like home and I sorted out all pictures. So you only see only the better shots. Not the mass as in Facebook.


  • Beeing in China

    Is complicated due to my japanese origin.
    Every one insists on seeing me as a chinese citizen allthough I’m pretty german by education.

    Eating: Today I had frog (a lot of bones) and duck tongue, wich is only a few meat but a lot of gristle. But everything tastes good – its fun to recognise how your body and mind react if you finally know what you are eating, although the taste is good!

  • Going to China!

    Heck Yeah! Going to China – but work related.
    Anyways, I want to take all private shots with my 35mm Diva which I inherited by my dad who did probably quite a few shots of my childhood with this lens on a Nikon F2!
    We’ll see how long I keep up!

    february 11 – 2012. Time for the Dragon!

  • All the best for 2012

    Hi There!
    I wish you all the best for 2012 – the year of the dragon!
    It might get tough – but there should be enough opportunities to enhance.
    Thus lets keep up our good work.

    New Years Greeting

  • Christmas Fair – Essen 2011

    I’m back home for a couple of days and we went as usual for the christmas fair.

    Every year one can find a lightshow with a specific theme at Essen. The 62nd light show is about Slovenia and can be found on every specific light sceme.

  • Kempten Art Night 2011

    Time for some new nightshots.
    Yesterday friends and I went to first Kempten Art Night.
    Unlikely weather was crap, but the mood itself was perfect!