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  • Japan, Japan, it’s all about Japan!

    Every now and then – I head to Japan to visit family, friends and some other bunch of people 🙂 This year I had the chance to leave for mor than a month and gladly I travelled a lot!

    At first, I travelled to Shikoku, visited marvelous cities like Kochi, Shimanto and the beaches and continued to Naruto. Last days of this trip had been Nao-Shima (yes – pun intended!) and Kurashiki.

    Last but not least a friend and I travelled from Kansai (Osaka, Kyoto) to Kanazawa, proceeded to Kanto (Tokyo & Kamakura) and ended up again in Kansai at Nara.

    Couple of days with my family – and I left again for Europe! 🙂


  • It’s Japan. As usual. 

    As every year – I’m in Japan. For now I will spend five weeks in and I’m pretty much enjoying this stay!

    Family is in good condition and Japan’s economy looks more or less stable.

  • The japanese way of the german “Die Maus”

    Yes – everyone knows it. Everyone can see it. But nobody knows how it is to sit in the middle.
    In germany our precious TV show “Die Maus” would be the way of educating our little ones.
    In Japan it might be more the “manga-style” – and here it comes!