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  • Apartheid – Museum

    Today we were off to the Apartheid Museum located at Gold Reef.
    Unlikely a Taxi Mini Bus had hit Andre’s car – no serious damage (flat tire, deformed metal) but a driver – who just got away.
    In the end were just happy – that nothing happened for serious.
    We didn’t know anything about the region, but it we felt uncofortable, two white men, stuck in traffic, changing the tire and just beeing observed by a lot of strangers.
    At last we got to the Apartheid Museum. It had not been as shocking as I thought, but it was said enough. Not funny at all.

    My car is on service, and due to the South African way to stick to deadlines, I’ve got the buggy with me. It’s our delivery car, with an enormous unprecise steering! But quite fun to drive it!

    It’s quite a looker!

    It took me to Eastrand Mall. South African do like shopping malls. They pretend to be more save than the other stores – but I don’t think so. If you want to, you might finda lot of victims, if you are a burglar 😉