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  • Soccer Tournament

    What can you do at the weekend in a Township?
    Yes – you can play soccer. The local bakery organized a small tournament. 5 teams, ten minutes games.
    200 Rand to join – and in the end you could win an astonishing price of 800 Rand.

    Within the first round we lost nearly every game, only one draw could keep our temper.
    But the second last team in front of us resigned, thus we could continue. And we got in the quarter, semi and the final.
    And we won! Ohh Yes. Hell yeah!!

    But: South Africans do hava a pee every where they need or want to.
    In the middle of the field, next to my car, even in front of me (I’ve to admit, it had been a little child of 2 years)
    After a couple of drinks I new why, there is just no public toilet in a township!