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  • Japan, Japan, it’s all about Japan!

    Every now and then – I head to Japan to visit family, friends and some other bunch of people 🙂 This year I had the chance to leave for mor than a month and gladly I travelled a lot!

    At first, I travelled to Shikoku, visited marvelous cities like Kochi, Shimanto and the beaches and continued to Naruto. Last days of this trip had been Nao-Shima (yes – pun intended!) and Kurashiki.

    Last but not least a friend and I travelled from Kansai (Osaka, Kyoto) to Kanazawa, proceeded to Kanto (Tokyo & Kamakura) and ended up again in Kansai at Nara.

    Couple of days with my family – and I left again for Europe! 🙂


  • It’s Japan. As usual. 

    As every year – I’m in Japan. For now I will spend five weeks in and I’m pretty much enjoying this stay!

    Family is in good condition and Japan’s economy looks more or less stable.

  • Drakensberg and Durban

    In a hury…so I just uploaded a few pictures…


    Durban – at this time only day one