check – first oldtimer!

I got my first oldtimer, a soviet styled moped made in 1976 in the German Democratic Republic previously owned by a friend. A Schwalbe KR51/1 model K; K for Komfort // comfort.

3.5 bhp, 65 km/h max, nearly no torque, barely no sound absorbers and a lot of good vibrations.

Biggest issue – it was parked in Essen, 480 km from Reutlingen. But beeing well known as a no-brainer I tried to ride it to Reutlingen. But 80 kilometers upfront the cylinder broke. Bad luck, but got the full winter for repairs. Let’s see!

Going to Japan

  1. Job is nearly fixed
  2. Master of Science nearly achieved
  3. Time to go to Japan

This time I will go to Hokkaido and to the japanese sea for some family vacation – stay tuned!

Happy New Year!!!

This Year I had a visitor from Japan. Nori-Kun a employee at NOSTRA, Osaka, Japan. We went to Kempten, the place where I have studied at bachelor degrees time. Far too cold (-11°C) and too much of snow (+50cm) for us. But anyhow – we made it and simply had a nice time there!

As usual: Happy New Year!

„Happy New Year!!!“ weiterlesen

Glashütte – the watch makers valley

By incidence and interest I joined the student trip to Glashuette – the mekkah or valley of the watchmakers. Thankfully we had a Hotel in Dresden and could dip into some culture as well!

Glashütte on the major powerpoint and webslides looks like an Heidi-Village of watchmakers. But in the end its like every where in the world – SMUs and the big ones fighting for the best employees and legal support to maintain the 50% value creation within their products to perceive the name „Glashütte“ within their brand.

Finally we had the chance to visit NOMOS the upcoming star, Glashütte Original the swatch owned enterprise and Nautische Instrumente Mühle Glashütte who is still in family property.

Anyhow its definetly interesting to see those magnificent and tiny semi-finished products on which a caliber is based on. Swiss milling in perfection!

Owncloud 7 Installation at All-Inkl hosting

Doing a manual installation of owncloud 7 can be a pain – if you don’t know what to do.
This is my personal way to get it installed:


  • Create a new MySQL DB within KAS, note username and password
  • Create a new subdomain if needed (proposed) and activate SSL (proposed)
  • download owncloud as a tar-bz file
  • upload the tar-bz file and unpack it right a way (best use webFTP)
  • edit the .htaccess and
    • add „php_value magic_quotes_gpc off“ behind the memory limit
      (in my case as line 14)
    • add „php_value session.save_path /www/htdocs/<LOGIN>/tmp“  as you dont have access rights to the official tmp folder
  • CHMOD folder apps, lib and config to 755
  • CHOWN owncloud folder to php-user

The actual installation

  1. go to the installation folder
  2. setup your own administrator account (save them somewhere safe)
  3. choose a MySQL DB, insert credentials as username, database name and the password.
  4. create a user for daily use

SSL Integration

  1. CHOWN config.php at configconfig.php
  2. add as a trusted domain
  3. edit and edit and add:
    'overwritehost' => '',
    'overwriteprotocol' => 'https',
    'overwritewebroot' => '/',
    'overwritecondaddr' => '^$',
    'forcessl' => 'true'

If you have any questions or other notations – please comment!

My knowledge has been provided by:

Thanks for your support!


Final question: why do I post if others did the same? Because I need to remember it! 😉


First home roast of coffee!

Yes – I do like coffee or better espresso. So why shouldn’t I do home roasting?

Lukily the internet is full of tutorials and how tos, thus it was fairly a bit of work, but finally dead easy. I used a Severin 3751 Popcorn maker, a 20V external power supply,  and a AC as well as an DC pulse-width-modulater made by KEMO to controll either fan speed as well as heating power. Power measurement will be done with Endress+Hauser equipment, but for now I’m using an cheap solution sold at Conrad. But anyhow – do nothing than patience if you are not supported or legally able to do this kind of work. This is 240V AC and far lot more than your body might take as an electric shock.

In the end – the result is astonishing and dead easy.



Doing it by urself is the best way to learn!

As my dropbox was running out of space, I had to take chance to use my webspace.  Thus owncloud came into my mind. No real space limits and similiar performance.
Included the SSL-support although heartbeat is on its way.