Travelling Japan – Nara


  • Cafe Zuccu
  • Just order the Wagashi Set – 友明堂 an antique shop offering small tea sets with regional wagashi, local handmade japanese sweets.
  • Muddas Caffee

Eating out

  • Wakakusa Curry (若草カレー本舗) a former start-up located in the NARA Cube which managed to open an regular business. Perfect japanese curry, especially recommended for vegetarians.


  • Gyokuro – traditional sushi experience. The staff is not fluent in english, a bit of japanese is somehow recommended. The business is run by a two generations, the quality is very good (approx. 5000 ¥ per person)


  • Washokuya Happoh (奈良市 和食屋 八寳) an easy step into japanese cuisine with english menu and a friendly staff. Easily accessible via Kintetsu-Nara or five minutes walk bei JR Nara. (OpenStreetmaps)