I made it!

Since Tuesday I’m in JoBurg. It’s realy a totaly new experience, for sure, I’d been here already a few weeks ago, but it had been more a travel, than a real stay.
But this time, I had to look for an apartment, and finally I got one.

It’s, be aware of: Kempton Park!! Yes, I moved from Kempten in Germany – to Kempton in South Africa.
And it’s hopefully a good choice!
Two stories high, fully made out of wood, balcony, living, game-area, barbeque-area, safe parking and living (two big Danes – I mean really big Danes!).
But the sadest point at all: no internet access!

But I’m working on a solution,  through my mobile (3,5G coverage nearly all over JoBurg and it’s surrounding. So I’ll use my cell to get online 🙂

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