• First home roast of coffee!

    Yes – I do like coffee or better espresso. So why shouldn’t I do home roasting?

    Lukily the internet is full of tutorials and how tos, thus it was fairly a bit of work, but finally dead easy. I used a Severin 3751 Popcorn maker, a 20V external power supply,  and a AC as well as an DC pulse-width-modulater made by KEMO to controll either fan speed as well as heating power. Power measurement will be done with Endress+Hauser equipment, but for now I’m using an cheap solution sold at Conrad. But anyhow – do nothing than patience if you are not supported or legally able to do this kind of work. This is 240V AC and far lot more than your body might take as an electric shock.

    In the end – the result is astonishing and dead easy.