• Owncloud 7 Installation at All-Inkl hosting

    Doing a manual installation of owncloud 7 can be a pain – if you don’t know what to do.
    This is my personal way to get it installed:


    • Create a new MySQL DB within KAS, note username and password
    • Create a new subdomain if needed (proposed) and activate SSL (proposed)
    • download owncloud as a tar-bz file
    • upload the tar-bz file and unpack it right a way (best use webFTP)
    • edit the .htaccess and
      • add “php_value magic_quotes_gpc off” behind the memory limit
        (in my case as line 14)
      • add “php_value session.save_path /www/htdocs/<LOGIN>/tmp”  as you dont have access rights to the official tmp folder
    • CHMOD folder apps, lib and config to 755
    • CHOWN owncloud folder to php-user

    The actual installation

    1. go to the installation folder
    2. setup your own administrator account (save them somewhere safe)
    3. choose a MySQL DB, insert credentials as username, database name and the password.
    4. create a user for daily use

    SSL Integration

    1. CHOWN config.php at configconfig.php
    2. add ssl-account.com as a trusted domain
    3. edit and edit and add:
      'overwritehost' => 'ssl-account.com',
      'overwriteprotocol' => 'https',
      'overwritewebroot' => '/oc.eure-domain.de',
      'overwritecondaddr' => '^%eure-IP-bei-allinkl.com%$',
      'forcessl' => 'true'

    If you have any questions or other notations – please comment!

    My knowledge has been provided by:

    Thanks for your support!


    Final question: why do I post if others did the same? Because I need to remember it! 😉