• Getting used to roasting

    Getting used to roasting

    Roasting at home or basically homeroasting is the effort to be better than your local roaster. Or suit your individual needs.

    But to get there its a long way home! Basically first you are figuring out

    • preselection of beans (defects, pearl beans, mis-colouring)
    • perfect batch size (in my case 200g is better than 150g in terms of colouring palette)
    • Ideal duration of the roasting process (probably 12 – 15 min including first & second crack)
    • temperature control (correlates to colour and taste)

    After doing my first batches with 2 year old beans of the shelf. Thus I started with an arabica monsooned malabar. First batches had been probably the worst due to lack of control of the mashinery.

    Roughly 1kg later it was drinkable buy using a Kaletta drip-on and a porta filter (Bezzera BZ10). From now on its about consistency in roasting and finding a suitable type of beans. We will see.