Getting used to roasting

Roasting at home or basically homeroasting is the effort to be better than your local roaster. Or suit your individual needs.

But to get there its a long way home! Basically first you are figuring out

  • preselection of beans (defects, pearl beans, mis-colouring)
  • perfect batch size (in my case 200g is better than 150g in terms of colouring palette)
  • Ideal duration of the roasting process (probably 12 – 15 min including first & second crack)
  • temperature control (correlates to colour and taste)

After doing my first batches with 2 year old beans of the shelf. Thus I started with an arabica monsooned malabar. First batches had been probably the worst due to lack of control of the mashinery.

Roughly 1kg later it was drinkable buy using a Kaletta drip-on and a porta filter (Bezzera BZ10). From now on its about consistency in roasting and finding a suitable type of beans. We will see.



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