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  • northern countryside

    northern countryside

    Japan had been a blast, but it had been quite hectic to be here and there. So I just went for some days on the countryside filled with hard work! We turned a full yard of the second year compost with showels and wheelbarrels. But anyhow, on the countryside you might find some high quality food! 🙂

  • Glashütte – the watch makers valley

    Glashütte – the watch makers valley

    By incidence and interest I joined the student trip to Glashuette – the mekkah or valley of the watchmakers. Thankfully we had a Hotel in Dresden and could dip into some culture as well!

    Glashütte on the major powerpoint and webslides looks like an Heidi-Village of watchmakers. But in the end its like every where in the world – SMUs and the big ones fighting for the best employees and legal support to maintain the 50% value creation within their products to perceive the name “Glashütte” within their brand.

    Finally we had the chance to visit NOMOS the upcoming star, Glashütte Original the swatch owned enterprise and Nautische Instrumente Mühle Glashütte who is still in family property.

    Anyhow its definetly interesting to see those magnificent and tiny semi-finished products on which a caliber is based on. Swiss milling in perfection!

  • First home roast of coffee!

    Yes – I do like coffee or better espresso. So why shouldn’t I do home roasting?

    Lukily the internet is full of tutorials and how tos, thus it was fairly a bit of work, but finally dead easy. I used a Severin 3751 Popcorn maker, a 20V external power supply,  and a AC as well as an DC pulse-width-modulater made by KEMO to controll either fan speed as well as heating power. Power measurement will be done with Endress+Hauser equipment, but for now I’m using an cheap solution sold at Conrad. But anyhow – do nothing than patience if you are not supported or legally able to do this kind of work. This is 240V AC and far lot more than your body might take as an electric shock.

    In the end – the result is astonishing and dead easy.


  • Fujiwara, Kei

    We met Kei in Japan and he was a special traveller who won our hearts by ease.
    Thus I will do some promotion – please check out his first webpage representing his music and career.

  • Virtual Reality – new challenge started!

    Yes – I made it! I started to work now for the Virtual Engineering and Training Center at ESB Reutlingen.

    Virtual Reality including full 6DOF Tracking and an immersive powerwall. Wow. It’s getting more and more geek!

  • New toy, first semi-Leica

    My last compact camera got lost during my trip in South Africa. So it was time for a new smaller compact camera than the D7000 by Nikon.

    Inspired by a Leica which decorates my home made in 194X, I wanted to do the first step towards some more decent stuff, although its origin is actually Panasonic.

    Pictures on JPG with sunshine? Astonishing!
    Pictures on JPG with descent light? Fair and quite good!

  • Moving up north – Reutlingen!

    It’s time for a change and leaving the comfort zone!

    Starting from Q3/2013 I will start new from scratch, changing my good old Bachelor of Arts to an Master of Science. Reutlingen and ESB – here I come! 1.5 years for a Masters Program (Operation Management) and hopefully a lot of time for travelling.


  • Preserving the old

    Receiving from your parents means preserving for the future. My belt, received from my father just went out of function by age.

    Thus Mr Beckert in Munich helped me out! It took us roughly half a year due to inabilities to meet at the same time 😉 But finally its the result what makes the final difference!


  • Old belongings…

    As my father went back to Japan, I was lucky to receive and perceive something of his belongings. This 8 Channel (or 4 channel stereo) mixer is still working and mixing lovely tunes. Since 1980s until today.

  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to everyone!
    Keep safe and warm during wintertimes, had been to Dortmund in the west of Germany to celebrate with old friends from school.

    Let’s ceize the days, so long, Nao