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  • wordpress as a multisite instalaltion

    The number of wordpress installations increased and the scaleability by doubeling the number of installation is limited. So I switched from single site to the multisite environment of wordpress by following some web instructions. After failing in exporting and importing on the nextgen gallery part I finally succeeded by simply editing the file path for […]

  • Owncloud 7 Installation at All-Inkl hosting

    Doing a manual installation of owncloud 7 can be a pain – if you don’t know what to do. This is my personal way to get it installed: Preparation: Create a new MySQL DB within KAS, note username and password Create a new subdomain if needed (proposed) and activate SSL (proposed) download owncloud as a […]

  • owncloud

    Doing it by urself is the best way to learn! As my dropbox was running out of space, I had to take chance to use my webspace.  Thus owncloud came into my mind. No real space limits and similiar performance. Included the SSL-support although heartbeat is on its way.

  • The japanese way of the german “Die Maus”

    Yes – everyone knows it. Everyone can see it. But nobody knows how it is to sit in the middle. In germany our precious TV show “Die Maus” would be the way of educating our little ones. In Japan it might be more the “manga-style” – and here it comes!

  • gallery and contact-form

    after updating the system, I renewed the gallery. New categories, and new pictures, especially from Germany. Next “innovation” might be the contact form, if you wan’t to contact me at any time, please drop some lines. Pictures – Germany and Contact

  • WordPress 3.0

    After few years of just using – I simply had to update to wordpress 3.0. New technique, new Backend design, updated plugins. Just more than altering the surface. The new gallery can be found at the page “pictures” in the top menu. I’ll post some pictures of South Africa when I’ll be there. Stay tuned!