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  • All pictures uploaded

    Hi there,
    I finally finished to upload all pictures of South Africa into the gallery.

    Enjoy and have fun!

  • Soweto

    Every white person warned me, but I have been to Soweto.
    Actually a very nice place with a lot of tourist, well raised fees and prices for food.

    But Mandelas House is there, so a colleague of mine and I we went for it!
    His family is based in Soweto so I had a very good guide to get through the town.
    And its not like an usual township. It’s cleaner, more beautiful – and yes – made up for tourists.

  • Soccer City

    Yes – I did it, I went to a soccer game. The person who doesn’t bother looking Soccer Tournaments, went to a soccer game.

    Orlando Pyrates against the Kaizer Chiefs, who unlikely won 3:1.
    Part of our workers a very unsatisfied, but life goes on!

    We parked the car and drove by bus to soccer city. Japanese circumstances, people packed into very small amount of space. But at least they were singing, honking on their vuvuzelas and having fun.
    On our way home we were surprised by the crowd of people waiting for the bus, so we tried to walk back to our car, but after 30 minutes we got a taxi bus, a maybe 25 year old bus, hardly not serviced, packed with a lot of people getting its way through south african traffic. The lady in the bus just said, next time you might win, but you better change for the Kaizer Chiefs.

  • Drakensberg and Durban

    In a hury…so I just uploaded a few pictures…


    Durban – at this time only day one

  • I’m on leave!

    First vacation in South Africa. Ohh Yes. A friend of mine comes from Germany and we’ll head to Durban.
    Beach, sunshine, wildlife, nature – and a lot to discover!

    Stay tuned!

  • My Nikon P7000

    Hell yes – I got it!!

    A colleague of mine took it to South Africa.
    I finally received my new camera. Still not beeing able to handle it to perfection, but I’m learning to set up al those functions like exposition, aperture, ISO, and so on…But its better far better than my nearly 3 years old Canon IXY910-IS grey import.

    Thank You! 🙂

  • Soccer Tournament

    What can you do at the weekend in a Township?
    Yes – you can play soccer. The local bakery organized a small tournament. 5 teams, ten minutes games.
    200 Rand to join – and in the end you could win an astonishing price of 800 Rand.

    Within the first round we lost nearly every game, only one draw could keep our temper.
    But the second last team in front of us resigned, thus we could continue. And we got in the quarter, semi and the final.
    And we won! Ohh Yes. Hell yeah!!

    But: South Africans do hava a pee every where they need or want to.
    In the middle of the field, next to my car, even in front of me (I’ve to admit, it had been a little child of 2 years)
    After a couple of drinks I new why, there is just no public toilet in a township!

  • Driving in South Africa

    Is far different of driving in Germany. First driving drunk? No problem at all. If I look at all those people who leave our garage. They are far away of being able to walk straight. Second: driving against the speed limit? It’s just a figure to read. TÜV? No way, it accelerates, it brakes, it turns. Far enough. Safety distance? Who needs this?

    Just to be sure – South Africa is not for sissis!

    But: No hijacking ’til yet!

  • I moved!

    Thanks to Gumtree, I’ve found a nice appartement in a very nice lodge house.

    Not much to tell, I just went shopping, bought necessities and yes

    Thats pretty much it!

  • Apartheid – Museum

    Today we were off to the Apartheid Museum located at Gold Reef.
    Unlikely a Taxi Mini Bus had hit Andre’s car – no serious damage (flat tire, deformed metal) but a driver – who just got away.
    In the end were just happy – that nothing happened for serious.
    We didn’t know anything about the region, but it we felt uncofortable, two white men, stuck in traffic, changing the tire and just beeing observed by a lot of strangers.
    At last we got to the Apartheid Museum. It had not been as shocking as I thought, but it was said enough. Not funny at all.

    My car is on service, and due to the South African way to stick to deadlines, I’ve got the buggy with me. It’s our delivery car, with an enormous unprecise steering! But quite fun to drive it!

    It’s quite a looker!

    It took me to Eastrand Mall. South African do like shopping malls. They pretend to be more save than the other stores – but I don’t think so. If you want to, you might finda lot of victims, if you are a burglar 😉