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  • I made it!

    Since Tuesday I’m in JoBurg. It’s realy a totaly new experience, for sure, I’d been here already a few weeks ago, but it had been more a travel, than a real stay.
    But this time, I had to look for an apartment, and finally I got one.

    It’s, be aware of: Kempton Park!! Yes, I moved from Kempten in Germany – to Kempton in South Africa.
    And it’s hopefully a good choice!
    Two stories high, fully made out of wood, balcony, living, game-area, barbeque-area, safe parking and living (two big Danes – I mean really big Danes!).
    But the sadest point at all: no internet access!

    But I’m working on a solution,  through my mobile (3,5G coverage nearly all over JoBurg and it’s surrounding. So I’ll use my cell to get online 🙂

  • 5 days left in Essen / Germany

    more or less 5 days left in Germany.

    It’s time for family matters, so I’ll spend my last days in Essen.
    Not my place of birth, but the town in which i spent more or less 15 years of my life.

    Best: I spent 7 hours in the same train, no changes, but a slow inter city train from Kempten to Essen. But best had been to feel and see, how the behaviour changes the farer you get north. Firstly I sat there alone, in the end I had a nice chat with 3 business men having fun twitting themselfs….
    Who’s in?
    On monday I’ll be gone for 4 – 5 month, so I won’t have plenty of time, but there’s no limit of cutting a day into pieces.

    By the way: the entirely new designed main station looks as dull before…

  • Ivory Tree – Game Lodge

    Hi there,

    as I told you, at the weekend we spent our time at some game lodge at Pilanesberg.
    During game drive Mohammed, our guide showed us four of the Big Five. Just the leopard had been missing!

    It was amazing, to see those animals passing us by, not wondering who we were.
    Calm and never agressive, but always beeing aware of us.

    Enjoy and comment!

  • Going on Safari

    I don’t have much time, but colleague of mine and I went for a Safari in Pilanesberg last weekend…

    Just a single picture – more during next days!

  • disharmony

    Feeling nervous, agitated, inquisitive.
    Moments of personal disharmony. Unable to sleep, time filled with tension.

    I want to be in Southafrica – now!




    one advantage of beeing unable to sleep – time for a serious photo.

  • First steps in Afrikaans

    Did some preparation – and one of them had been to get in contact with Afrikaans.

    Afrikaans is on of those 11 official languages in South Africa beside english. And some said it might be helpful to speak at least some pieces of Afrikaans.
    But listen first – it’s some kind of variation in between dutch, german, english and some other influences I can’t classify.

    History might be immanent as usual 😉