• Living in Germany

    Germany is more or less my homebase. Born in Mannheim and grown up in Essen I learned to live like the germans do. I’m probably a german soul put into a japanese body. Not a half, but acting likewise.

    Reutlingen / Tübingen 2013 – today
    After working roughly to years full-time its time for a new adventure.
    Reutlingen University will host my master program for Operations Management (MSc.) As usual I started working for a company, but this time its the University of applied Sciences in Reutlingen.

    Kempten 2011 – 2013
    Besides university and my bachelor thesis I started working part-time to speed up my integration into the department I will work in future. Stressful – but useful. Thats it.

    Kempten 2008 – 2011
    In Kempten I started a study program and went to the university of applied science of Kempten to study Business and Administration. In between I spent half a year in Johannesburg, Souht Africa for an placement at a subsided entity.
    Kempten is a small town (60k inhabitants) and placed in beautiful Allgäu.

    Essen 1994 – 2007
    After years in a waldorfschool I spent my last three years at a state school.
    Got my german kind of an A-level and went afterwards for an Internship to Japan.

    Mannheim 1987 – 1994
    I was born in Mannheim and spent my first 7 years there. Went to a waldorf kindergarten and continued my educational life in a waldorf school.