• Living in South Africa

    Living in South Africa from 21th september 2010 – february 25th 2011

    In South Africa I did a placement within my study program. Thus I worked at Eastrand of Johannesburg. My work was mainly focussed on quality management (ISO9001:2008) and process management/improvement to help and support the local employees / entity. During those 5 month I learned was compelled to withstand racism, criminality, corruption and poverty. It was hard to realize,that first and third world can actually exist next to each other.

    Journeys to Ballito, Capetown, Drakensberg, Durban and Lesotho showed me the real beauty of this country. But it was good to live in Eastrand for a long period. Thus I’ve realized and felt with all my minds, how it is to live in volatile living circumstances. Days without electricity, warm water, but all in a civilized world.

    I had the time of my life and look forward to go back for another bunch of well kept experiences!