• Travelling

    Bamberg 2019

    People tend to marriage. Thus people tend to bachelors party.

    Milan 2018

    Escaping daily life. Four days at Milan visitting missed spots during business travels.

    London 2017/18

    Silvester on the landside? Heck no – let’s escape!

    Vienna 2017

    Visitting friends from bachelor times, realising that time catches us all.

    Zagreb 2017

    Five friends. Five days. One airbnb.

    Paris 2017

    Field trip to Velizy / Dassault Systèmes. Friends reunion in Paris.

    Japan 2016

    This time I’d been roughly five to six weeks in Japan! Thanks for the support!


    Some days spent on the country side…

    Morocco 2015

    Roadtrip through Morocco!

    Schwalbe 2015

    My very first oldtime

    Japan 2015

    Spain 2014

    We spent a lovely time at Finca Fuensanta http://www.urlaub-anbieter.com/fuensanta.htm

    Japan and Taiwan 2013-14

    This time – Japan and some days at Taipei.

    Brussels 2012

    Long weekend at Brussels with friends. University revival?

    China 2012

    Business Trip to China 2012. Places like Shuzhou, Shanghai and Shijazhuang

    Hamburg 2010

    One weekend at beautiful Hamburg!

    The spirit of WA

    The spirit of WA – japanese design at the RedDot Design Museum located at the world heritage Zeche Zollverein in Essen