Category: Travelling

  • Bamberg 2019

    As we grew older people follow the path of marriage. As people tend to incremental innovation in society we just introduce the concept of bachelor parties. Well enough of social critisim we had a lovely time in Bamberg fighting for our beer, or in my case, a spezi diploma!

    Actually really looking forward to the ceremony!

  • Milan 2018

    Milan 2018

    Escaping daily life is not the worst choice to choose! Especially to Italy!


  • Flying back to Japan

    Flying back to Japan

    After having finished up all work – I will be leaving to Japan from may 17th until june 10th. Time for car repairing cars, chasing twisted mountain roads and of course meeting my family. 


  • Roadtripping Austria

    Roadtripping Austria

    Visiting old friends is best!

    As a friend started up new in Vienna and actually has been a colleague to a friend of my guys at the shared appartement, we hit for a roadtrip to Vienna. Heading from Reutlingen to Salzburg via Linz to Vienna! A town with lots and lots of historical place and the right amount of hipsteresque including some decent coffee.

  • Zagreb 2017

    Zagreb 2017

    After visiting Split in 2015 with students we simply went for an AirBnB in Zagreb 🙂 Actually not a bad place to live…


  • Paris


    After some month without travelling I headed out to Paris! Thanks to the TGV and Deutsche Bahn Stuttgart – Paris is about 4 hours without any security checks (plane) or traffic jam (car).

    Lovely town, awesome food and simply an old friend to visit.

  • Japan, Japan, it’s all about Japan!

    Every now and then – I head to Japan to visit family, friends and some other bunch of people 🙂 This year I had the chance to leave for mor than a month and gladly I travelled a lot!

    At first, I travelled to Shikoku, visited marvelous cities like Kochi, Shimanto and the beaches and continued to Naruto. Last days of this trip had been Nao-Shima (yes – pun intended!) and Kurashiki.

    Last but not least a friend and I travelled from Kansai (Osaka, Kyoto) to Kanazawa, proceeded to Kanto (Tokyo & Kamakura) and ended up again in Kansai at Nara.

    Couple of days with my family – and I left again for Europe! 🙂


  • northern countryside

    northern countryside

    Japan had been a blast, but it had been quite hectic to be here and there. So I just went for some days on the countryside filled with hard work! We turned a full yard of the second year compost with showels and wheelbarrels. But anyhow, on the countryside you might find some high quality food! 🙂

  • It’s Japan. As usual. 

    As every year – I’m in Japan. For now I will spend five weeks in and I’m pretty much enjoying this stay!

    Family is in good condition and Japan’s economy looks more or less stable.

  • Going to Japan

    1. Job is nearly fixed
    2. Master of Science nearly achieved
    3. Time to go to Japan

    This time I will go to Hokkaido and to the japanese sea for some family vacation – stay tuned!