Author: haiikun

  • Bamberg 2019

    As we grew older people follow the path of marriage. As people tend to incremental innovation in society we just introduce the concept of bachelor parties. Well enough of social critisim we had a lovely time in Bamberg fighting for our beer, or in my case, a spezi diploma!

    Actually really looking forward to the ceremony!

  • Milan 2018

    Milan 2018

    Escaping daily life is not the worst choice to choose! Especially to Italy!


  • #MobiDig Hackathon

    #MobiDig Hackathon

    The Ministry of Transportation invited interested people to take part at their Hackathon. Lukily a lot of companies provided us with data eg. City of Aalen, Cit of Stuttgart, Airport Stuttgart, Deutsche Bahn (German Railways),, Flixbus, INRIX, KreisVerkehr Schwäbisch Hall (local transportation provider), Telefonica NEXT, VVS (local transportation provider) and some other companies who do operate within Baden-Württemberg.

    We tried to make life easier for the travellers of the Airport Stuttgart by providing them a calculation of ther estimated time of arrival at the Airport by including multimodal ways of transport (bicycle, bus, car, carsharing and train). We didn’t make it to the well priced first places but we gained a lot of experience and confidence in working with such a data driven business modell.

    Thanks a lot team for guiding me through my first hackathon!

  • Flying back to Japan

    Flying back to Japan

    After having finished up all work – I will be leaving to Japan from may 17th until june 10th. Time for car repairing cars, chasing twisted mountain roads and of course meeting my family. 


  • Getting used to roasting

    Getting used to roasting

    Roasting at home or basically homeroasting is the effort to be better than your local roaster. Or suit your individual needs.

    But to get there its a long way home! Basically first you are figuring out

    • preselection of beans (defects, pearl beans, mis-colouring)
    • perfect batch size (in my case 200g is better than 150g in terms of colouring palette)
    • Ideal duration of the roasting process (probably 12 – 15 min including first & second crack)
    • temperature control (correlates to colour and taste)

    After doing my first batches with 2 year old beans of the shelf. Thus I started with an arabica monsooned malabar. First batches had been probably the worst due to lack of control of the mashinery.

    Roughly 1kg later it was drinkable buy using a Kaletta drip-on and a porta filter (Bezzera BZ10). From now on its about consistency in roasting and finding a suitable type of beans. We will see.



  • Repair Café – the numbers

    Repair Café – the numbers

    We are doing a repair café every last wednesday of the month at the Werkstadt Haus Tübingen. A couple of repair enthusiasts, some organizers and just a bunch of nice people gather together to repair old memories of the past (e.g. radios, CD plays, vinyl players but even smartphones, laptops etc.)

    We ended up having a lot of visitors who come for the first time, so we ended up thinking about our goal to chang the mindset of our visitors.

    We have roughly 50 % first time guest albeit one third to the other half are second+ time visitors. So should we be happy?

    A repair café is based on the initiative of the Anstiftung!


  • Homeroasting with Kaldi

    Homeroasting with Kaldi

    As some of you might know – I do like coffee.

    • Coffee of any kind.
    • Brewing technique of every kind.

    In the past I did a lot of experiements in regards of buying, consuming and roasting by my  self. Top of the line was a Severin popcorn maker modified to have independent heating and fand unit to reach temperatures of 220+°C.

    Surprisingly this device had been some kind of risky due to the lack of electrical education of myself.

    To fasten up progress (after 2 years of just consuming) I ordered a Kaldi drum roaster in South Corea.


  • Silvester 2017/18

    Silvester 2017/18

    Bored by your hometown? Time for a getaway – this time London! 


  • Roadtripping Austria

    Roadtripping Austria

    Visiting old friends is best!

    As a friend started up new in Vienna and actually has been a colleague to a friend of my guys at the shared appartement, we hit for a roadtrip to Vienna. Heading from Reutlingen to Salzburg via Linz to Vienna! A town with lots and lots of historical place and the right amount of hipsteresque including some decent coffee.

  • wordpress as a multisite instalaltion

    The number of wordpress installations increased and the scaleability by doubeling the number of installation is limited.

    So I switched from single site to the multisite environment of wordpress by following some web instructions.

    After failing in exporting and importing on the nextgen gallery part I finally succeeded by simply editing the file path for the galleries by search and replace. Yes. I did. This.